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Welcome New Clients

Welcome to our hospital! Thank you for your interest. Please read through these important highlights that make CCAH unique.

10 Things to Know About CCAH

1. We're All About Customized Care

One of the primary things that sets our animal hospital apart is our approach. We take the time to learn about each pet and then provide customized care and a medical approach tailored to your pet and family's needs.

We know how stressful visits to the vet can be and we will always do our very best to help you and your pet feel welcome and at ease during your visits.

Based on you and your pet’s history, medical status, and needs, we will recommend a telemedicine appointment to establish care.

2. Appointments Are Long Enough For Fear Free Care

We're a team of professionals who are not only skilled and experienced - we also care beyond measure and because of this, we are not an "in and out" clinic. Appointments are not intended to be a quick 15-minute process. They are scheduled to be long enough so that we can provide Fear Free care to your pet and also address your questions. When scheduling your appointments, please plan accordingly.

We apologize if you ever experience an usually long wait time. Many factors beyond our control may occur throughout the day. We appreciate your patience and will always keep you updated on the status of your visit.

All of this being said, if your pet is experiencing an emergency and you have time constraints, we will do our best to work with you so let us know.

3. We Are Fear Free Certified and AAHA Accredited

Our Fear Free Certification means that every single member of our team understands the importance of your pet's emotional as well as physical wellness. We provide care to ALL pets who enter our doors, including those who have traditionally experienced difficult vet visits due to fear, anxiety, and stress. All pets are treated with respect and patience.

AAHA-Accreditation is a voluntary process that ensures we meet over 900 standards across our facility, equipment, medical records, and continuing education.

Read more about our Fear Free appointments or AAHA Accreditation.

4. We Are Still Practicing COVID Precautions

In order to keep our patients, you, and our team safe, CCAH is still a fully masked facility. We also ask clients to be masked during all interactions with our team. Our goal is for everyone to feel safe while seeking and providing veterinary care. We also have an updated HVAC system, in-room medical-grade air filters, and we screen employees and clients for illness upon arrival. As the world attempts to move on during this pandemic, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

5. We Are Lobby Free

We have eliminated our lobby in order to prevent additional stress for pets and parents as well as to limit exposure to sick pets. When you arrive for your pet's appointments, you will check in remotely from your car using your phone and then wait for a medical team member to contact you and guide you to an exam room.

6. We Are a 24/7 Facility

We have 24 hour hospitalization with staff present in a calm, quiet environment. Pets who stay overnight receive individualized comfort and care along with their required medical attention.

Additionally, outside of or normal business hours, we answer our clinic phone (734-436-0455) 24 hours a day 7 days a week to triage for our client's pet emergencies and offer emergency telemedicine (virtual) consults.

7. We Love Communication!

If you have a concern, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are always open to discussing your concerns and trying to resolve them while improving our own services. Our goal is always to resolve your concerns with both parties communicating in a kind and respectful way.

8. We Respect Your Family & Expect the Same

Because everyone on our team works tirelessly and cares without limits, we are vulnerable to clients who may express their sadness or frustration with anger, raised voices, or inappropriate words. If frustrations or concerns are expressed inappropriately toward our team, we may terminate the relationship. We will always treat you and your pets with patience and respect. We simply expect the same in return.

9. We Use the FAS (Fear, Anxiety, Stress) Scale

If your pet is exceptionally fearful of veterinary visits, please know that we will most likely start with a pet-free consultation to discuss the idea protocol to safely care for your pet. We use the FAS Scale (which stands for Fear, Anxiety, Stress) to assess pet behavior at the hospital.

If you feel your pet may be high FAS, please download our FAS Assessment PDF and then if your pet has a score of 3-5, call our clinic to discuss an appointment.

10. We Love Social Media

You can find Compassionate Care Animal Hospital and Dr. Forbes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. We recommend following these accounts for updates about the clinic - and cute photos! We love sharing photos of cuties at the clinic and perhaps your pet will be one of our Social Media Stars! Please let us know if you do not want your pet’s photo to be shared and we will be happy to oblige.

We also encourage New Clients to peruse our General Medicine, Emergency Care, and Surgery pages to learn how appointments work.