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Surgery & Dental Care

CCAH provides a full range of elective and advanced surgical care.


The types of surgical care we provide include routine surgeries like spays and neuters, and non-routine surgeries including emergency surgical procedures such as abdominal exploratories, cystotomies, Feline PU surgery, mass removals, laceration repairs, limb amputation, entropion repair, enucleation, gastropexy, and splenectomy.

If more advanced surgical procedures are needed, we can also arrange for a board-certified surgeon to perform the procedure at CCAH.

What Needs to Happen Before My Pet's Surgery?

When you call us to schedule your pet's surgery, one of our staff will go over all information about the procedure with you on the phone.

Within 1-2 weeks of booking your procedure date, our surgery team will contact you to review your pet's surgery and pre-operative procedures including bloodwork. All bloodwork must be performed two months to one week before your procedure date.

We'll also email you a treatment plan that outlines everything you (the pet's parent) will need to do before/after your pet's surgery and all associated fees. You must sign and return this treatment plan no later than 1 week before your pet's surgery date or else it will need to be rescheduled.


What Happens On the Day of My Pet's Surgery?

Your pet will be scheduled for an intake time between 7 and 8 a.m. on the day of their procedure. They will be admitted for the day. Please know that your pet will be under observation and with the surgery team throughout their entire stay at our hospital.

We will contact you when your pet's procedure is starting as well as when your pet is in recovery to schedule a time for you to pick them up.

Please make sure to have the pet's primary caretaker(s) pick them up because we will review important post-operative care instructions at that time.


Preparing Your Pet for Surgery

Please make sure your pet is healthy for their surgery and call us ASAP if this changes. Follow these guidelines as your pet's surgery date approaches:

  1. Avoid dog parks and dog daycare centers for 2-3 weeks before their surgery
  2. Bath your pet in the days before their surgery
  3. Feed your pet no food after midnight the night before their surgery
  4. Don't make changes to your pet's diet for 2-3 weeks before their surgery
  5. It's OK to provide water to your pet in moderation the night before and morning of their surgery
  6. If your pet has high FAS, we'll schedule a consult time to formate a care plan
  7. If your pet takes medications, administer them as normal

Dental Surgery

We provide full dental care including digital radiology and surgical extractions. Our dental care is directed toward maintaining the health and comfort of your pet's mouth.