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General Medicine

From kittens and puppies to our super seniors, we have the skills and knowledge to help families like yours care for every life stage, medical need, surgical need, and behavioral concern.

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Wellness Exams

All pets require annual check-ups to stay happy and healthy. These are Wellness Exams.

Wellness Exams are intended for well animals and are done each year so our team can familiarize ourselves with your pet’s normal.

It's also an opportunity for you and your vet to discuss basic nutrition, weight, parasite prevention, and environmental enrichment, and address any lifestyle questions you may have.

Wellness Requirements for Cats

Wellness Requirements for Dogs

Appointment Details

Before your pet's appointment

Please complete forms emailed to you and send medical records before your pet's appointment so we can adequately prepare.

Additionally, please arrive at your pet's appointment with:

  1. Information about your pet's food (brand, type, and kcal per cup or can)
  2. A list of supplements or medications you are giving your pet
  3. Treats, toys, and blankets your pet loves

After your pet's appointment, wellness lab work will be available in your client portal upon completion at the lab. Rest assured, our medical team reviews these results immediately and will contact you if there are concerns within 2-3 weeks. An estimate for care can be provided upon request.

When should I schedule my pet's Wellness Exams?

Your pet's Wellness Exam appointments should be scheduled every year (yes even cats!) and typically be scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance.

For this reason, if you know the date when your new pet will be arriving home, it's best to schedule their first Wellness Exam well in advance.

What if I just adopted my pet and they need to be seen soon?

We definitely make exceptions for new pets who require an exam within a specific time frame. Please call us at 734-436-0455 and communicate your needs and situation to our receptionist so we can help you welcome your new family member - we love being a part of this process!


Medical Appointments

Medical Appointments are intended for pets experiencing acute symptoms of illness or chronic concerns. This includes concerns or questions about behavior, weight changes, appetite, mobility, or lifestyle. Certain conditions may require multiple visits. Medical appointments require rechecks and/or telemedicine checks during recovery or management to make sure your pet is progressing well.

When Should I Schedule Medical Appointments?

If your pet is experiencing acute symptoms (i.e. multiple episodes of vomiting/diarrhea, no appetite, vision abnormalities, bleeding, acute pain, etc.) you'll want to schedule an appointment for today or tomorrow.

If your pet is experiencing chronic symptoms (i.e. masses, lameness, itchy skin/feet, intermittent vomiting/diarrhea, etc.) you are OK to schedule an appointment in advance via the Client Portal.

Day Admit Appointments

These are medical appointments that are scheduled either to accommodate the family’s schedule or to address the pet’s medical concerns as soon as possible. A technician will greet the client, take a history, and explain the exam and diagnostic process. Often, because these appointments are scheduled as same day urgent appointments, the technician primarily communicates with the family and reports status and recommendations. An estimate for diagnostic and treatment recommendations can be provided when requested.

Technician Appointments

Technician Appointments are 20 minutes long and are best for the following:

  • Nail trims
  • Anal gland expressions
  • Laser therapy
  • Subcutaneous fluids
  • Allergy injections
  • Administration of medications
  • Weight monitoring
  • Off-schedule vaccine boosters

During Technician Appointments, you will be greeted by a medical team member and your pet will be escorted to the treatment area while you wait outside in the car. If your pet demonstrates extreme anxiety or stress, we'll stop the appointment and discuss with you to develop a better plan. Read more about this on our Fear Free page.

When you arrive for your pet's appointments, please begin  online check-in from your car (button on our homepage as well) and then wait for a medical team member to contact you.